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The premier fire and rescue services

At this County Fire Station our aim is to make your surroundings and environment safer for you. With the enforcement of fire legislations along with education regarding fire prevention, we take pride in minimizing the risk of life loss and destruction to your property or environment due to fire or related emergencies. We aim to make your county a safe place to live and work.

Firefighters are
always ready to help

We take pride in offering the finest quality fire and rescue services around the clock. Our firefighters are always available at your disposal and ready to help. Whether it be an accident at 3 PM in the afternoon or even 3 AM in the morning, we will certainly be there to keep the life loss or property and environmental damage to an absolute minimum.

Saving lives and
protecting properties

We have years of experience to support our claim of quality and efficiency. We take pride in having saved hundreds of lives and protecting properties which would otherwise have cost more than just a fortune for the owner. It is only the efficiency of our services that enables us to keep the lives lost and property damage to an absolute minimum.

Ready, Set, Save!

No one knows when the next major fire will occur. The men and women for the County Fire Department have dedicated their lives and careers to help others.

Fire Station Facilities

Our fire stations include regular inspection and cleaning of the apparatus and equipment, and continuing education in the fire service. Firefighters are put through various drills bi-weekly to hone their skills.


An operational check and visual inspection of all fire and emergency apparatuses are completed on a daily basis to ensure operational readiness of all units.

Fire protection services

  • Fire safety and protection requirements

    With years of experience in the industry, we offer a fully comprehensive as well as a dynamic fire protection service that offers you a convenience of fire safety and protection requirements along with all of its constituent aspects.

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    Our on-call service is available at your disposal 24 hours a day and seven days a week. A few of our prominent fire protections include fire alarm service maintenance and installation and emergency service calls.

  • Other emergency services provided

    We also offer exit and emergency light service maintenance and installation, special hazard fire suppression system, fire extinguishers service maintenance and installation, and fire protection sprinkler service, maintenance and installation.

  • Fire prevention services provided

    Our fire prevention services include the enforcement of fire prevention measures within a given building, licensing of the premises, education regarding fire safety and community fire prevention. We also offer rescue services to our citizens involved in any type of collision or accident.

Fire protection
systems training

Fire protection systems training is the practice of mitigating the unwanted effects of potentially destructive fires. The measures taken to prevent a fire can reduce the impact on uncontrolled fires and save lives and property. Implementation and ongoing maintenance checks are key components of this process. Upon the installation of a fire sprinkler system, functionality should be tested to ensure your system is ready for activation.

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Fire sprinkler systems

Upon the installation of a fire sprinkler system, functionality should be tested to ensure your system is ready for activation. Inspection programs as by the latest national codes are required for the ongoing reliability of the systems. There is potential for wear and tear from the sprinkler heads, covers, gauges, to pipe fittings and more. Regular inspections and maintenance by the fire department can alleviate the burden of any issues arising.


Fire alarm and fire detection systems

A fire alarm system can detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or other emergencies are present. The detectors may be activated manually or automatically depending on the type of system in place. Fire alarm warning devices can also be set to different volume levels. Smaller buildings may have the alarm set to a lower volume and larger buildings may have alarms set to a higher level.


Fire suppression systems

Fire suppression systems are used to extinguish or prevent the spread of fire in a building or vehicle. Suppression systems use a combination of dry chemicals and/or wet agents to suppress equipment fires. These systems help to minimize the loss of equipment and control the damage. Common means of detection are through heat sensors, wiring, or manual detection. Although most systems are static and used in buildings, some systems are available for use in vehicles.