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Who we are

About our team of firefighters

Each of our men is extensively trained in firefighting and extinguishing the hazardous fires that threaten property and civilian or natural populations. Their goal is to rescue people from dangerous situations and locations, collapsed or burning buildings or crashed vehicles.

They will put their life in danger without thinking twice if need be, while at the same time regard personal safety of utmost importance. Our priority is for all of our firefighters to return home safety to their families every night without injury or harm.

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Why us

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    Our Mission

    The Mission of the County Fire Department is to protect and provide the region with professional and prompt assistance, while saving as many lives as possible in the process.

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    Our Future

    Our department is not only active during the emergencies, it also organizes a number of educational programs for the general public and the future firefighters. Our members teach strategies that reduce fire deaths and injuries while focusing on fire prevention.

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    Our Community

    The County Fire Department also arranges a number of various awareness campaigns that help us connect with the local people and know their views and concerns, which can help us to improve our department.


Are you fit for the fire department?

Too many future firefighters think it takes the best resume to get hired. They feel they have to possess all of the education, training, certificates, and experience to get the job. Fire departments are hiring the best for their department.

Qualified applicants will typically be given a series of evaluations and testing. In some jurisdictions, having an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) license is a requirement. Potential applicants must attend and complete the fire academy as well.

Formal education should be considered in order for advanced careers in this field. Ongoing education is an important part of the job. It's never too late to think about a career as a fire fighter. It just takes a bit of time and endurance to withstand the heat.

Our team

Walter Martins

Battalion Chief with 15 years experience, Walter is dedicated to serving his community and help train new staff.

Ashley Martins

With seven years experience as a fireman, Ashley was involved with providing relief to victims of hurricane Katrina.

Bradley Grosh

With four years experience, Bradley was involved with providing relief to victims of hurricane Rita.

Andy Matters

With four years experience, Andy was involved with providing relief to victims of hurricane Wilma.

What we do

  • Specialized training

    Highly skilled man or woman to combat and extinguish fires.

  • Certification and Prevention

    Firefighters act as an EMT and investigate the cause of fires.

  • First responders

    A firefighter is almost always the first to arrive for fires, car accidents, or other emergencies.


There's more to being a firefighter than extinguishing fires, installing smoke detectors and rescuing kittens from trees. Firefighters carry out a diverse range of tasks, some you'll do every day while others are less frequent. The below points are a small sample of the skills needed:


County Fire Station worked around the clock to get our engine room back in service after our primary engine caught fire. We cannot say thank you enough for their outstanding service and continued support, we appreciate you. A job well done!

David Peters